200hr Fuller Yoga Teacher Training

It Takes 200 hours to begin your journey to becoming an amazing yoga teacher. Fuller Yoga’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance and offers you a complete and comprehensive immersion into the world of yoga to deepen your practice and give you all the skills you need to teach to a wide variety of populations and abilities.

Our 2022/2023 Session begins Sept. 9th, 2022.  Application deadline August 31st, 2022

Limited to 12 participants.

Philosophy– It is the primary intention of our teacher training to educate our students on how to create a learning environment that promotes safety, encourages physical challenges and cultivates self awareness. In this 200 hour program we provide a non-judgmental atmosphere in which to learn yoga to either deepen your knowledge and practice or to serve your community.

This training is for students or current yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their knowledge of about anatomy, philosophy, yoga postures, modifications, how to use props, advanced breathing techniques, alignment and basic hands on assists. If you are interested in teaching yoga, promoting a healthy lifestyle and wish to learn about the business of yoga, how to construct a class to teach to various populations, sequencing, themes and how to teach different disciplines then this is the right teacher training for you.

The Foundation

Sept. 9-10 & 23-24 – included in the training and open to the public for $395

Students will learn the names of muscles and bones as well as understand the function of various types of soft tissues. Students will be able to identify common postural deviations due to tight and weak muscles and select key postures to teach in order to rebalance the body to a healthy posture. Students will also be able to understand movement planes, structural anatomy and select/correct postures based on a person’s flexibility and limitations.

Yogic Breathing, Philosophy, Mantras and Meditation                              Oct. 7-8 & 21-22                                                                                                          Students will be able to select appropriate breathing techniques to implement into their class theme. They will understand which breathing techniques are contraindicated to specific populations and adjust each student accordingly. Students will also learn mantras, cleansing techniques and meditation. This weekend will also include learning the history of yoga in the United States

Weekends 3 – 7 – Asana/Benefits/Cueing/Contraindications

Nov. 4-5 & 18-19 Standing Postures
Dec. 2-3 & 16-17 Arm Balances                                                                              Jan. 6-7 & 20-21 Backbends and Inversions
Feb. 3-4 & 17-18 Twists
March 3-4 & 17-18 Seated Postures
Students will be able to adequately identify correct alignment in each pose, suggest ways for students to intensify and/or modify, correctly instruct students into and out of the pose and know when a student shouldn’t do a posture.

The Gift
Principles of Practice Styles/ Class Themes/ Sequencing / Use of Props /Music/Seasons/Life stages
April 7-8 & 21-22
Students will be able to put together playlists that compliment the levels and style of the class they are teaching. Students will be able to build a class based on a single pose, chakra, emotion or particular theme i.e. freedom, grounding, flow etc. Students will be able to engage their participants through the use of voice, cueing and eye contact. Students will be able to “read a room” and adjust their classes accordingly.

Assisting/ Ethics/History of Teaching/Business Practices/Marketing
May 5-6 & 19-20 and June 2, 3, 9, and 10 (please note the June weekends are back to back)                                                                                            Students will be able to identify inappropriate choices on behalf of both teacher and student. They will be able to conduct themselves appropriately as yoga instructor to all ages, races, religions, gender, and sexual orientations. Students will also know what constitutes sexual harassment in accordance with the laws of this state. CT

Students will be able to teach a themed class as well as address the challenges of multi-levels classes. Trainees must teach an additional 3 classes at the studio and 3 additional classes outside the studio before their certificate will be issued.

Prep Exam TBD
Students will be asked to teach class where the public will be joining us. Notes and critiques will follow each class. Student will walk away with tangible areas in which to work so that they can work on specific area before their final teach in order to graduate.


• Payment in Full or on Payment Plan
• On time attendance at all training weekends and field trips
• Attend one yoga class a week
• Completion of all homework assignments
• Enroll in a workshop given at Fuller Yoga (enrollment fee is not included in tuition)
• Submission of 20 min. video of you teaching
• A Missed weekend will result in participant having to schedule 3 hours of private instruction at the students’ expense.


Fridays 6:00pm-8:00pm
Saturdays 12:00pm-6:00pm
Fuller Yoga Primary Teacher Training Fees include 200 Contact Hours, Training Manual, Supplemental Material, Guest Instructors, and a Monthly Yoga coaching session while you are in the program.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: $500 Non-refundable deposit required no later than 4 weeks prior to start date. Deposit fee is not included in program fees. Remaining payment must be made no less than 2 weeks prior to start date. If you choosing the payment plan option your first payment must be made 2 weeks prior to start date of training with valid credit card and final payment must be completed 2 weeks before the final weekend.

: All fees are subject to 6.35% CT sales tax
Full Certification Paid in Full $3997 (save $476)


Full Certification
9 payments of $497/month after $500 deposit
(all payments must completed two weeks prior to final weekend)

A refund will be issued for cancellations made two weeks before teacher training begins less the $500 non-refundable deposit. No refunds or credits are available after the start of the training. Our cancellation policy is firm and we will not make exceptions.
Limited Scholarship opportunities are available for those who qualify. Please inquire.

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