If you think a yoga teacher training isn’t for you think again. It’s a life changing experience!

Whether you’ll ever teach or not it’s about doing the work and transforming yourself into a more authentic version of yourself.  You deepen your knowledge of an activity you love and as my teacher Alison West told me. Yoga will change your life. And boy was she right.

So I’ve put together the Top 10 Reasons you would want to take the Fuller Yoga Teacher Training.

  1. Learn more about the yoga practice you love. The history, the philosophy, lifestyle choices in being a “yogi” and why they work.
  2. Learn more about your body and how to keep it safe. Those who dive into a yoga practice without having good knowledge of body mechanics get injured more quickly than those who know how the body should and shouldn’t move.
  3. You get to throw around big fancy words like dosha, citta, samskara and vashistasana and actually know what it means.
  4. You will get an opportunity to understand yourself better. Fuller Yoga teacher training is about diving deeper to understand what makes you tick. As Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”
  5. You will get to do more yoga than you ever thought possible. Our training requires you to practice, practice, practice, and keep a record in order to get credit for all those hours on the mat.
  6. You will know how to teach to everyone. Our program is comprehensive. You won’t graduate only knowing how to teach to one type of yoga student. Whether they are beginners, devote practitioners, injured, or in their advanced years you will know how to teach a class specific to that demographic.
  7. Make new friends. Yoga Teacher Training is about sharing the love of yoga. Bonding over tea and texting each other to ask how you pronounce Utthita Hasta Pandangusthasana. Besides, these friends are embarking on a journey of health and well being which will be a great influence all around.
  8. Gain confidence! Whether you end up teaching or not you will gain more confidence being in front of people, sharing your experience and taking a leadership role.
  9. Giving is getting. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing someone say, “ah, that’s just what I needed, “or “thanks, my back doesn’t hurt anymore.”
  10. Make some money. You probably won’t retire on your yoga earnings but teaching and continuing to practice will keep you out of the old folks home with a little extra change in your pockets.

For more information on the Fuller Yoga Primary Yoga Teacher Training please contact or click here.

meditationProbably one of the hardest things you will do; meditation.  First you fidget, then you are uncomfortable and you brain just won’t turn off for God’s sake!  But everyone says how good it is for you, how many health benefits there are like lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress/anxiety and even helping with depression.  Then why is it so hard?  I remember not knowing what to do and watching my mind run all over the place.  Let’s face it meditation is boring.

That is it precisely.  It’s about observing the boredom, observing the thoughts, observing the body and how it feels.  It’s about observing it all so that it can pass through you.  So that the space between the thoughts becomes longer and longer.

In the space in between the thoughts you get quiet and a peace settles upon you until the sweetness of the moment is overwhelming and all you want to do is sit there forever.  I’ve been known to be late because I was so absorbed in the stillness.  I’ve since learned to put on a timer.

I’m so excited to be offering a 6wk OSHO meditation series here at the studio so you can have a chance to feel the bliss of stillness yourself.  For some of us it’s the only time it’s quiet in our lives.  The beauty of this is these meditations are active and you will be doing something and not just “sitting there”.

So check it out under courses, it starts soon.  OSHO Meditation

Can’t wait to see you on the inside.


Recently this question came across my yoga mat.  I fear I can hurt myself in back bends but I’m curious about your  All Levels Back Bending workshop would this be appropriate for me? What are the benefits of back bending?

Well quite honestly you can hurt yourself stepping off the curb.  Anything you do without awareness can cause injury or pain.  However, with a qualified instructor who guides you into and out of your postures anything is possible.

Back bends are a great way to stimulates the central nervous system, revitalize the organs and counter balance our way too forward bending culture. They bring awareness to your back body, create better posture and help open the heart which can also help with depression and anxiety.

Back bends can be simply lying on your back with your feet on the floor lifting your hips up but they can also be so much more.

Should you take a workshop?  Absolutely.

Yoga workshops are the best way to do something correctly and get the most knowledge out of your instructor.  You will learn how to safely go into and out of back bending sequences as well as understand how “warmed up” the body has to be to properly achieve any back bend. Workshops start slow and it’s a focused effort on one or two postures so everything you do will be toward the end set of back bending postures. Plus, there are usually less people than in a regular group class so you will have the extra time to ask questions and get the help you are looking for. You will also find out what set of muscles are limiting you from a more expansive back bending practice.

Sign up and take a back bending workshop, ask a lot of questions and bend over backwards with the pure joy of it!

Yoga is the fountain of youth. You’re only as young as your spine is flexible. ~Bob Harper

For class and workshop information visit www.fulleryoga.com


In response to Deven Oschmann’s light write up about yoga stereotypes http://yoganonymous.com/stop-the-stereotyping-5-yogi-labels-that-need-to-be-addressed/

I have just one question. Who is doing the stereotyping anyway? The beef is that there are articles “out there” about the perfect yoga body or drinking smoothies and wearing Lululemon. Well it’s true. My body has completely changed due to a consistent yoga practice and my entire body has gotten much leaner as a result. Even more then when I was taking 90 min. dance classes every day. As a person who keeps diving deeper into their practice healthy drinks, food and kombucha do feel better in my the body. I am and we are (I hope) working on keeping our vibration light which eating healthy and keeping our system running smoothly does just that. Also, most of us practicing yoga are still women so whether you get your yoga/workout clothes at Lululemon, Hard Tail or Walmart, we all like to look good.

Of course some might think that we are stuck to our mats every day. Cause we are. We know the difference between what our bodies feel like when they are stiff, sore and out of alignment and when they are not. So yes we are on our mats as much as possible because it just feels better than not. Plus for those who play sports, dance, mountain bike, run or even golf you’d better get on your mat every day. It’s the only way to keep your body in top shape for game day.

I don’t know about you but after teaching and practicing for over 15 years, I am much less fazed by things that used to piss me off, make me sad and sometimes full of rage.  So yes we are more serene and understanding because we know that the greater part of us that is an infinite being will never end and the human reactive part of us is only temporary.

Flexible bendy pretzels you bet! Aren’t you more flexible than you were when you started yoga? Then yes to those who don’t practice we are the bendy pretzel that scares them. To say that yoga is “definitely not about changing us” well I serious hope it will, because life before yoga was unbearable, miserable and very confusing.

Yoganonomous where do you get these writers? I Googled “creator of root2rise yoga and holistic health based out of Austin Texas” and came up with a “sorry this page is unavailable” from Facebook and a Roots2Rise studio out of Woodinville, WA. I think I’d better practice more yoga so I can decipher the authentic from the masquerade.


The worst thing you can do is expect the next person to be like the last.  I find it all the time especially in the business of being a small yog studio.  Teachers expect the new studio they begin teaching at to be like their previous or current one.  I find myself reminding them often Fuller Yoga™ Studio is not xyz studio and we do things differently here.

The same is true for your practice.  Each time you come into Crow, Triangle Pose or Half Moon Pose and expect it to be like the time before you will most likely be disappointed that it wasn’t as good as before or shocked that you did it better.  Your expectations can set you up.  You may miss some really great things because you expect it to be bad or you may walk away feeling like crap because you expected it to be so great.

So how can Fuller Yoga™ help you manage your expectations? How can The Fuller Mat™ help you not get stuck assuming your current practice/studio/relationship should or will be the same as the last? It’s easy.  From the very beginning Fuller Yoga™ is designed to put you completely in the moment by focusing on the flow of your breath and your ability to move fluidly.  Unlike practices that tend to repeat the same sequence of postures, Fuller Yoga requires you pay attention to how you move from one pose to the next discover the nuances and shifts that  keep you open for discovery, inquiry and new experiences.

No Fuller Yoga™ practice can ever be the same.  Because it is so connected to breath and approaching the postures from movement rather than adjusting your body to the pose it will always be organic, flowing, and free from expectations.

Join me in discovering the next level to your practice with a week long Fuller Yoga retreat       Feb. 8-14th, 2015 at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica.

Yoga has been a great asset to my long history of physical activity. From gymnastics to dance to yoga I have always been active and I never practice the same thing twice. I’ve been a rebel against regimented styles that do the same thing each and every time. Although I have taught and taken Ashtanga, I’ve always complimented it with other yoga practices in order to keep things fresh and new.
The traditional yoga mat is an integral part of one’s practice, fashion statement and lifestyle yet also a limiting space for the body. In 2004 while working with a client who had a hard time comprehending the idea of swinging her legs on the floor while laying on her back it dawned on me that these “traditional yoga mats” are far too limiting. In fact they are damn near the size of coffins! The mat needed to be bigger and rounder so I created The Fuller Mat™. Even though I had been teaching since 1998 and practicing since 1996, yoga was still fairly new on the market. I had to search high and low to find a source for such a long and wide roll of sticky material that could be adaptive as a yoga mat. I was lucky to be able to get a small quantity and begin developing and practicing and teaching Fuller Yoga™ on The Fuller Mat™.
Since then using The Fuller Mat™ has blessed me with profound insights on postures and transitions that can not only open joints and muscles more thoroughly, but also develop patterns that help move a practitioner more easily into arm balances, back bends and twists that most people struggle with for years. My students have gained leaps and bounds in their flexibility and learned to trust the circles and patterns we work with. They can feel the right connection to what flows and what doesn’t both in their practice which then gets translated to their life.
In winter of 2015, I move Fuller Yoga™ out into the world by offering a week long retreat at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rice Feb. 8-14, 2015. We will be able to develop our practice with two yoga classes a day and also define space and flow for ourselves in practice and in life. For more details on the retreat please visit; http://fulleryoga.com/OurSite/retreatstrainingsJustine_Fuller_BioPic

#1 Fundamental Fear

October 20, 2013

Fingers of the UniverseWhat if who I am isn’t who I need to be to get what I want?  This belief, that at the core of my being I am flawed and my hopes and dreams are unattainable because I do not posses the qualities of those people who get what they want and do live their dreams.  I’ve come down with a case (yet again) of magical thinking. That there is some sort of way to be which is outside myself, or way to do things which is not like mine that I need to adhere to and morph myself into being because who I am just isn’t the right person to have what I so deeply desire.  I haven’t had the right education, I don’t have the right people around me, I don’t think the right way to create abundance, I didn’t have the right upbringing etc. etc. .  I suppose this is how many enslaved people must have felt. That no matter how strong their desire is the constructs of society and things outside of themselves will keep them in forever yearning.  This must be purgatory. This is torture.  What if it’s true and my whole life is for nothing but to be in a constant state of unrequited love if you will?  So then I remember this is a thought.  It’s just a thought.  A very powerful one but still just a thought.  I think of all the uneducated non-business degree people who have achieved their dreams. Colonel SandersOprah Winfrey (grew up poor), Lady Gaga (dropped out of college), Rosalie Mera (dropped out of school at 11 to become a seamstress).

On the other hand I say “Why would God be so cruel to insight such desire within me only to keep me from it because I lack the mental acuity or perspective to reach my goal?”    I do some Byron Katie 4 questions on it and I say to myself, “What if who I am is exactly who I need to be to get what I want?”  And for a moment there is relief, space and ease.  I relax and let myself be ok with who I am, the education I have received, the people I’m around and the things I want out of life if only for a moment this is enough.  Besides I’m not dead yet so there is still a chance.

Feedback for Fuller Yoga

October 14, 2013
It is so great to get feedback on people’s experience of Fuller Yoga™.  After almost 10 years of developing this style (which is hard to explain) I appreciate another yogi’s perspective.  Every time I teach or practice Fuller Yoga my body opens in many new ways and releases some long held tensions that normal yoga just hasn’t.  I find new spatial relationships and become an endless creator of movement and transitions from one pose to the next.
“I just took my first Fuller Yoga class, the first of many!!! This is a unique and inspired class! I loved Justine’s description of imaging the dome above the round mat-somehow the dome became sky-like.Great combination of classic yoga poses combined with movement-all on the round Fuller mat. A great physical and spiritual workout!I highly recommend!!”  – Rachel Siporin

Most of what’s on my Facebook Page is positive affirmations from various friends and colleagues.  This of course makes sense since I own a yoga studio and teach several classes a week.  However, what I’m realizing about this feel good world is that no one is talking about how to really incorporate these positive vibes into your body and not just your mind because there is something that happens after we speak the good stuff that no one is talking about and it creates a terrible obstacle to changing your life experience.

1.  The Back Talk– You will experience this immediately after your positive affirmation.  It’s the voice that says, “that’s silly no you can’t.”  “Yea right.”  “Forget it that’s never going to happen.”  You need to know to be prepared for this.  Expect your lower mind to bring up excuses to keep you where you are.  Change is scary for the ego because its main job is to keep the status quo.

2. Back Lash – This is when the back talk has integrated itself into your physical world. Back lash is when something good happens to you and you can’t hold it.  For example you identify that something good has happened to you.  Say you found a $20 bill in an old wallet.  This is great, you’re excited, and later that day you trip and fall on your knees.  Then you begin to justify the bad experience with the good one.  Basically saying “see I told you not to get excited.”  “You were too happy.”  “This is karma.”  “You should of given that money away.”  No this is the energy of the back talk playing itself out.  We set ourselves up to prove that we are unworthy and shouldn’t take joy in things.  We don’t deserve to be happy.  So the cycle begins. We do our affirmations, we don’t believe them and then we prove to ourselves that they don’t work.

3. The Witness – This is the stage where things get exciting.  When we cultivate witnessing our mind and thoughts we can easily catch the back talk and see the ego cycle playing itself out.  Then when good things happen to us we can take it in and say yes this is great I deserve this and consciously be prepared for the events and belief systems that are waiting at the helm to take us down. So when you feel that negativity creep up on you, you know you must have done something good for yourself.

Don’t just say the affirmations and try to feel them you also have to be an ego slayer. Prepare for the evil twins Back Talk and Back Lash.  Witness consciousness is your kryptonite. Your ego and negative mind is Lex Luthor trying to take over your entire world.  Call on your witness to destroy the misguided ego.  The world is safe and good and loving you every second even when it isn’t it still is cause this ride it temporary and we aren’t human forever so enjoy every last happy rocky road of it.