Intro To Pilates Reformer (By appt. only)

This is a 30 min. introductory session on the Pilates Reformer to acclimate you to the 80 year old spring based exercise system that uses your own body weight and spring assistance to target specific muscle groups. Workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements allowing your muscles to work in a full range of motion. When training on the reformer 2x per week clients see noticeable improvements in the appearance of their posture, waistline and overall body strength; your body will be longer, leaner and well toned. By breathing and executing exercises with more control, precision and flow you increase your body’s efficiency and prevent injury. In 30min. of personalized instruction you gain better posture and overall muscle strength without the tightness and pain.

Private Pilates

All Private and Semi-Private Pilates sessions work with The Reformer and MVe Chair.
Each student will be assessed on strength, flexibility, and control. An exercise plan will be outlined based on strengthening weaknesses, increasing mobility and creating a more balanced body with concentrated core strength. (Please note all students are required to enroll in the Intro to Pilates class or book a private session before beginning regular drop in classes.)

Private Yoga

When you are just starting out or recovering from injury a private session will give you individual attention with direct communication and adjustments that specifically addresses your needs. Each posture has manual adjustments that will help you understand the relationship between muscle groups and particular body parts that are being engaged and lengthened.  The philosophy of yoga is about the approach-how your body engages in the posture to the best of your ability, not how far you go. Any questions you have will be addressed immediately.

Clients have found private yoga session increase their understanding of their own body which has in turn improved their yoga practice in weekly classes and helped in life, sports and basic body mechanics in any activity.


Private Yoga/Pilates 

30 min. session $65

55 min. session $120

5 Sessions $475

10 Sessions $900