Fuller Yoga Group Classes

Intro to Yoga Series

This class is a 6 week series for people who are new to yoga and those looking to deepen their practice. You will learn the names and proper alignment of basic yoga postures used in weekly classes. You will practice various breathing techniques and understand how to use them to maximize the benefits.  If you have ever been intimidated by the thought of not knowing what to do in a yoga class, this is the class for you.  Advanced registration is required to insure we spend adequate time with each student. Please wear comfortable clothing with no buttons, zippers or belts so that you may move freely.

Beginner Yoga

In the beginner class you will learn fundamentals of yoga postures that will result in greater flexibility, body awareness and strength. Basic asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing) will be taught to assist you in relieving stress and tension in both the body and the mind. Through regular attendance students tend to experience greater flexibility, improved circulation, reduced pain in muscles and joints, and a sense of relaxation that carries into other areas of their lives. The postures will consist of standing, seated, and supine positions.

All Levels Yoga

This class can accommodate all practitioners from beginner to advanced. While basic postures are taught modifications are given to increase or decrease the level of challenge. You will experience postures that flow together as well as execute static postures to correct form, alignment and breath. This class addresses the entire body leaving you feeling a deeper connection between yourself physically and mentally.  Some previous yoga experience is preferred.

Fuller Yoga™

Fuller Yoga is our signature class that will energize your practice by exploring non-traditional transitions between postures, organic flow and range of motion in the shoulder and hip joints. Fuller Yoga is practiced on The Fuller Mat, a 6ft diameter mat that creates the personal space for all to feel protected and safe. Thus creating new possibilities for movement and organic physical expression. The circular design allows for maximum movement and creative sequences. Fuller Yoga focuses on spinal flexibility, contraction, expansion, breath, length and organic movement. Classes are offered to individuals that have been consistently practicing yoga for 6 or more months. Space is limited, pre-registration preferred.

Power Yoga

This class may be offered either as a heated or non-heated class.  Power Yoga is appropriate for those who are ready for more challenge and want to increase their physical strength and endurance.  Postures are held longer so that students can deepen their awareness of the pose, the breath and mental activity.  You can expect to practice the more complex yoga postures such as arm balances, back bends, and inversions.  Great for active people who want to compliment their lifestyle with strength, flexibility and reduced injuries.

Vinyasa Yoga (Flow)

Vinyasa Yoga links postures together by using the breath as a guide for tempo and rhythm. Based on the Ashtanga style of where the breath is a major part of the practice as you flow from one posture to the next. Basic Sun Salutations will be used to warm up the muscles and joints and act to keep the body warm between postures. Expect to enhance circulation, flexibility, concentration and endurance. Sequencing of postures moves from simple to complex that build strength, balance, and increase range of motion. You’re cool down will consist of hip openers, forward bends and twists before final relaxation.

Yoga with Props

The use of props in a yoga class doesn’t necessarily make it easier.  Sometimes the props assist the postures to be deeper and increase strength and flexibility.   In this class you will use chairs, light weights, blocks, blankets and straps to increase strength, stability and range of motion.  Participants in this class range from 34 – 82 and it can accommodate people suffering from a herniation, low back pain, injuries and recovery from surgeries.

Gentle Yoga

Easily reduce stress and tension in your body with this slow moving class that deeply stretches common problem areas such as low back, hips and shoulders. We encourage deep breathing and mindful reflection of sensations in the body. You will do various postures that are supine, prone, on your hands and knees or side-lying.  Gentle yoga provides deep stretching and calms the nervous system to alleviate anxiety, promote healthy sleep and bring the body back into balance.

Restorative Yoga

This therapeutic style of yoga is often called “Active Relaxation” which uses props to support the body while keeping it active with minimal movement in a relaxed, meditative state. These poses are used to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing the body down. The postures are specifically designed for when you are feeling fatigued, weak, stressed from daily life or when you just want to experience stillness. Restorative yoga is equally beneficial to reduce chronic pain, alleviate anxiety and depression, reduce migraines and the symptoms of insomnia, asthma and provides recovery from childbirth.

$7 Community Yoga

This class combines both easeful stretching with moderate strengthening postures to help increase blood flow, reduce stress and anxiety, and create general muscle tone, bone strength and flexibility.  You will learn and practice classical yoga postures with an emphasis on alignment and deep breathing.  All postures can be modified or made more challenging depending on each student’s needs.  Drop Ins and Beginner’s Welcome!

Mat Pilates

Reduce back pain, increase range of motion and develop a strong core by using the Pilates principles of Breathing, Control, Concentration, Flow, Precision, and Stabilization. This class will teach you fundamental Pilates exercises that when done correctly will reshape your body, enhance your posture and have a profound effect on your energy levels. All exercises are done on a mat and small props will be used.


Using the powerful combination of core strength from pilates and the sculpt and tone methods of barre your body will feel the burn. This class is appropriate for all levels. We practice safety in all our workouts and make sure all our students are in proper placement for the best results.


An exciting and versatile class that combines isolation, classic aerobic moves, and a contemporary barre workout with advanced Pilates exercises. You can expect to start with 25 minutes of cardio, followed by sculpting and toning moves combined with advanced Pilates techniques. You will end the class challenging your balance and coordination with simple and fun movement that takes a strong core to execute. Pilates ring, theraband, small weights and a ball are creatively incorporated to keep you stimulated and challenged.

Specialty Classes

Intro to Pilates Reformer Series

The Reformer apparatus promotes the development of good alignment, core strength, and flexibility.  It is easy on the joints and can be easily adapted for beginners to advanced students.  Students will learn basic Pilates principles, how to transition between exercises and how to set and utilize the machines to work within their own body.  See schedule or workshops page to register for the next session.

Reformer Essentials

This class is designed for the student who is new to working on the reformer.  You will learn the Pilates principles of Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow.  Classic Pilates exercises will be executed resulting in a full body workout.  We encourage you to take at least 10 mat Pilates or privates sessions before signing up for reformer classes. Limit 3.  Students must register or cancel their place by 8 pm the night prior to the scheduled class.

Reformer All Levels

Once you feel comfortable with the reformer essentials advance your practice with our all levels reformer classes.  This class will further challenge your core, expand your knowledge of the Pilates repertoire, increase your stability, strength and range of motion. Limit 3.  Students must register or cancel their place by 8 pm the night prior to the scheduled class.

Reformer Strength

Power up your Pilates with our strength class using more springs, repetitions and quicker pace.  You will be challenged both physically and mentally as you associate new exercises and connections in your body to health and vitality.  Limit 3.  Students must register or cancel their place by 8 pm the night prior to the scheduled class.

Ropes and Slings

This class is a first come first serve basis. You will be able to experience all the benefits and fun of working with Ropes and Slings! You will gain strength, flexibility and a whole new understanding of your body in postures. The ability to move more freely with the support of the wall/ropes/slings is a joyful experience!  Learn how to truly feel good in your body by using The Yoga Wall. This class will help you building all over body strength, core strength, awareness of alignment and muscles used to activated any pose. Justine has been certified through Alison West, considered one of the most influential yoga teachers, in NYC at Yoga Union. Safety is very important.  Space is limited pre-registration is preferred.

Yoga for Scoliosis

Finding support and relief for scoliosis can be challenging in the world of fitness.  Yoga for scoliosis provides a deeper understanding of each students’ spinal curvature and how to support the body to promote a sense of balance and ease.  This class will stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak one that have been inactive due to the curvature.

Mother and Daughter Yoga

Fuller Yoga has designed a dedicated class just for you and your daughter. Take an afternoon to put down the cell phone and turn off Facebook and deepen the mother daughter bond before they enter adulthood. Spend an afternoon enjoying quality time by learning yoga postures and breathing techniques together that can help both of you when challenges arise. This workshop will enhance communication skills and deepen your trust for each other in a fun-filled and enjoyable way through playful yoga sequences that involve strength balance and mutual support. This is an All Levels workshop for parents and kids ages 6 and up. Please call to book.

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