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Have you ever thought about your thoughts?  Have you ever thought about how your thoughts make you feel?  Often times it’s our thoughts that stimulate our feelings.  If you think about how someone disappointed you, you may feel sad or upset, however if you think about the person who helped you move something or watched […]

Why I love Ropes and Slings Yoga

Truly there is nothing like it.  I cannot seem to find a way to replicate the openness and length the body gets with the Ropes Wall.  Originally designed by B.K.S. Iyengar it has unlimited potential for ALL and I mean ALL.  For those just starting out it is good for support and structure.  For people […]

Meet Kristina!

What brought you to yoga? About 7 years ago I began training for and completed a ½ marathon. I was so psyched that I began training for a full marathon almost immediately afterwards. I went for a long run on a cold January day and in an effort to complete the run, I sprinted the […]

Meet Melissa!

1. What brought you to yoga? Years ago I found myself in a rut struggling with anxiety, insomnia and chronic neck pain ​from a car accident in my teens.  Feeling a little down one day I asked myself “is this as good as it gets?” The universe seemed to respond quickly as I soon found myself in […]

Inside the Instructors: Nancy Alder

Each month we will be highlighting our instructors.  Those individuals who have integrated yoga off their mat and into their life, their conversations and their way of living.  Here are some answers to some of your burning questions. From Nancy; 1. What brought you to yoga? Space and quiet, and maybe a little desire to […]

What’s meditation got to do with it?

Probably one of the hardest things you will do; meditation.  First you fidget, then you are uncomfortable and you brain just won’t turn off for God’s sake!  But everyone says how good it is for you, how many health benefits there are like lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress/anxiety and even helping with depression.  Then […]

Whose doing the Yoga Stereotyping anyway?

In response to Deven Oschmann’s light write up about yoga stereotypes I have just one question. Who is doing the stereotyping anyway? The beef is that there are articles “out there” about the perfect yoga body or drinking smoothies and wearing Lululemon. Well it’s true. My body has completely changed due to a consistent […]

The Worst Thing You Can Do, How Fuller Yoga Helps

The worst thing you can do is expect the next person to be like the last.  I find it all the time especially in the business of being a small yog studio.  Teachers expect the new studio they begin teaching at to be like their previous or current one.  I find myself reminding them often Fuller […]

Breaking the Yoga Mold – How Fuller Yoga™ keeps your practice fresh

Yoga has been a great asset to my long history of physical activity. From gymnastics to dance to yoga I have always been active and I never practice the same thing twice. I’ve been a rebel against regimented styles that do the same thing each and every time. Although I have taught and taken Ashtanga, […]