5 Steps to Choosing an Online Yoga/Pilates class.

Wow, the internet has exploded with offerings of online classes.  There are fitness classes, meditation classes, yoga classes, cooking classes and any other thing you might want to learn about. With so much out there, how do you choose? Well, we now know money is powerful. Our purchases make a big impact on businesses big and […]

Being Honest.

Recently I’ve come across individuals who say yes.  People with good intentions.  People putting on a front. But it’s not real. We’ve become such a sensitive culture that we’ve lost our back bone.  People are afraid to speak their truth, even if it’s done with great kindness.  The fear of either looking bad or disappointing someone […]

3 yoga poses to tone arms

It’s crunch time!  If you haven’t been exercising or keeping up your yoga and barre workouts then you’re late!  They say Summer bodies are made in the Winter but if you are just now rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, I’ve got an awesome arm hack for you. My arms never saw definition until […]