This has been on my mind for a while…

Lauren and Grace

At a certain point amidst this pandemic something started to nag at me. I wasn’t able to talk to you. I couldn’t find out what is going on with you, ask you questions about your family and how your body is feeling. I was starting to feel a bit lost.
And then, I thought of all of you! You would all come to the studio and talk with each other, catch up, sometimes see classmates you haven’t seen in a while and enjoy the consistency of the people you do see every week. I felt the loss of our community for myself and for all of you.
My fear is that when we are able to return to the studio safely in larger numbers, that we won’t take the time to share how big of an impact this pandemic has been in our lives. That we will go back to business as usual as we breathe and stretch and focus together.

So, I said to myself, OMG we need to process! We need to hold space for each other, we need to just look into the eyes of our friends and loved ones and be seen. We need to know that even though we are in isolation, we haven’t gone through this alone. I began to ask myself, how do we gather? How do we come together, hold space for each other and still stay safe? And then the answer came. We need to walk. Not to march, but to walk. We need to move our body from one place to another to represent the transition of time, of ground covered and we need to do it together and we need to do it in silence. We need to feel the togetherness of each other and stay safe.
On March 16th, 2020 we were ordered by the State of Connecticut to close our businesses until further notice due to the Covid-19 virus and we haven’t been at full capacity since. We discontinued some classes and took the rest online. We kept the teachers that didn’t already have full time jobs. Then, in the Summer, we did outdoor classes, Paddle Board Yoga classes and Yoga with Gongs in The Courtyard. We purchased more Pilates Reformers so when we could have people in the studio again, we could still offer amazing workouts. We’ve gotten ourselves on a little more solid ground, albeit in a different way. But we still miss all of you!

So mark your calendar!
On Saturday March 20th, at 2pm, we will be gather together for a Silent Walk (#silentwalk). We will walk masked for an hour around town to gather in solidarity and solitude to reflect on the events of the past year. The changes, challenges, losses and lessons learned. We will reflect on the people we know that have gone through those events as well. We will reflect on things we never dreamed of having to face. We will see our friends and our community as we walk and we will know we are not alone.
We do not need to speak, as the heart knows another heart, and the breath joins us as one. There will be time for words, time to share, time to catch up. This Silent Walk (#silentwalk) is for your soul, our soul and the soul of the collective who have travelled with us on Earth during this time in space.
I ask you to Invite your friends, family, co-workers we are all one here. You are not alone and we truly are, in this together.


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