What’s pain got to do with it?

Pain can play a BIG ROLE in your life. More than you even know. Pain affects your physical health, your mental health, and your relationships. It can also reduce the amount of enjoyment you get out of life.

Pain can show up once in a while, or it can be a sharp shooting pain that comes out of nowhere, or it can be a dull ache or a chronic mind numbing, “I can’t think of anything else!” pain.  

Pain doesn’t just live in the body. Pain can make you cranky and short tempered. You may find yourself angry or irritated when your loved ones ask, “do you know where the toothpaste is?”

When you have constant pain it can take over your whole life, your relationships and your ability to work. When the body is in pain it is a messenger that something is wrong or misaligned. It is an alarm, a warning signal. It can be from years of neglect, mis-alignment, an old injury, or a position that we take for long periods of time such as sitting.

At Fuller Yoga Pilates and Massage we know about pain. We know about chronic pain. We have lived with pain. We have worked diligently using yoga, Pilates and other modalities to reduce, eliminate and learn what steps to take to get out of our pain.

So have our students. Some of them come with tears in their eyes because of pain and leave seeing hope and feeling better than when they walked in. We see relief as their bodies get back into alignment, the muscles start working properly again and they learn which bad posture habits got them there. We’ve seen how high quality yoga and Pilates can make a huge difference in relieving pain.

When the pain starts to dissipate and we can breathe again, we no longer hesitate with the anticipation of pain when reaching for something or getting out of bed. We can smile again and more importantly we can get our life back and be with our loved ones in a much more loving way.
Although yoga and Pilates are not a cure all we know that whether you have neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or hip pain, creating better posture and alignment, strength and structure through the bones, muscles joints can make a big difference in alleviating pain in the body and we’d love to help.

Book a private today either in person or via Zoom for 20% off your first session. Call 860-430-9642 or email hello@fulleryoga.com to reserve an appointment.

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