The #1 thing you need to do to not feel SO LOST!

I’ve been hearing it from the teachers at the studio.  They feel lost.  Not sure what to do.  How to plan their lives.  With 5 yoga/Pilates studios closed since this all began the reality is sinking in.  But here at Fuller Yoga, we are hopeful.  We just purchased more Pilates Reformers so we can have the most comprehensive workouts available to those of you who want to come in.  And with only be 3 people per class and plenty of social distancing it’s the perfect way to stay in shape and out of pain.  We have a select number of classes on our schedule for you to come into the studio so you can get a change of scenery and a little sacred space.  We are social distancing, cleaning, wearing masks and since everyone will 6ft apart you are not required to wear them during yoga.  Not only that, we have Courtyard Yoga at the back of Glen Lochen every Friday night at 5:30pm which is incredibly lovely with the warm weather, shade and just enough breeze to cool you off.

But wait!  I told you that there was one thing you needed to do to not feel SO LOST.  So what is it?

Consistency!  Now is the time to nail down that committed time to join a yoga, Pilates or barre class. Fire up your laptop and take a Zoom class with us.  Pick your days Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am?  or will it be Monday at Wednesdays at 6pm?  We even have Monday and Fridays at 11am.  Whatever time works for you, put it in your schedule, RIGHT NOW!  Here’s the link.  I mean it do it now otherwise you, like most of us, you will put it off.  Although we do have an on demand library of videos I still believe that holding yourself responsible for showing up every week is exactly what we all need to feel grounded and not lost in the sauce.  Turn off the news and turn on your intuition.  Start identifying what you like, what you really want and what makes your heart sing.  Put the classes in your schedule, don’t cheat yourself and commit to the gift of loving yourself with a consistent yoga and Pilates practice.  I mean it do it TODAY!

Thank you to our dedicated teachers and loyal students!

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