The Power Of Thank You!

You’ve probably never thought of it before now, but Thank You is a powerful statement. It says, I see you, I appreciate you, I am receiving what you are giving, I acknowledge you. And, I don’t know any better time to keep saying thank  you, than right now. I know for me when our students say thank you after a class, it says my time and instruction was valuable. It keeps me going to knowing I’m making a difference and that me being here matters.

Think about all the essential workers you come into contact with every week. Basically, taking the risk of contracting COVID-19, just to make (for some) minimum wage. Your grocery store cashier, ups driver, mail person, the pet store re-stocker,the person handing you your takeout and anyone else who is working.

Make a difference, take the time to say Thank You, to everyone you come into contact with. Even your own family and your pets. They understand. This is hard on everyone, so give a thank you.  give yourself a thank you and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Humanity is strong. You’ve got this.


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