Silver Linings

There is a lot of time to think and ponder.  For one, now that I’m cooking every meal I realized, my mom had cooked or prepared food up to 3 times a day.  WE NEVER ATE OUT!  We sat down as a family and ate.  She told me that if your child was involved in a sport (like one) that was a big deal.  Not only for the time, but also for the expense.  So as awful as the COVID-19 virus is it has opened our eyes to more simplicity and that we can live just fine with less, and if you have more now is the time to share your time and your resources.

Things I appreciate about the the current situation.

1. Using up things. Like getting to the bottom of my lotion before buying a new one.

2. Being resourceful. Getting creative with meals, and cleaning products and finding different ways to do things.

3. Working on new projects. Like figuring how to stream our classes online.

4. Supporting our students and connecting with our community through text, email, phone, zoom.

5. Finishing projects.

6. Contemplating. Taking the time to slow down and feel my way through this. What is the right thing to do? How can I support others right now? What is the best choice for myself and the business at this time and how does that affect the future?

In the midst of a lot to fear. I invite you to pause and think of others, be of service and count any blessing you can find. We are still holding classes online for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.  Just look for any class that says online, sign up and we will send you an email with the link.


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