Happy New Year!

Now is the time after the holidays where we have eaten too much, sat around too long and done very little to lose the weight we wanted to before the holidays started.

I recently surveyed our students and asked them what their wish was for the New Year and 90% of them said health and one wanted the remodel of her kitchen finished. LOL!

So let’s look at fitness.  Should you pic a studio setting, a big box gym, crossfit, Zumba, group exercise, personal training, or videos?  The options are endless so how do you choose?

Around us we’ve noticed an onslaught of franchise fitness establishments popping up in 2019 and although they might be good, choosing an independent owner/operated yoga/Pilates/fitness studio is your best chance of sticking to your resolve for better health in the New Year and here’s why.


  1. The person running the show is invested. The owner, especially if they are the operator as well has invested time, sweat and loads of their own money to create a business that runs smoothly. They take care of their members and don’t rely on the brand name to create their clientele.  They will get to know your name know about your kids your job and even how your parents are.
  2. They believe in what they do. A franchise fitness studio did the work once.  Now anyone who buys in is relying on someone else’s bright idea to make it work for them.  Have they tested the product?  Do they work out there too?  Do they workout at all?  How much did they use the product or go to that facility before they decided to open one for themselves?  When you go to an independently run studio you will find people who have tried and tested the product, found that it works and believes in it so much that they want to share it with you.
  3. You will be acknowledged! We wonder about you.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the thought, “hmm I wonder where ______________ is?  I haven’t seen them in class.”  We get to know you.  If you’ve injured yourself, had knee surgery, a c-section, arthritis we know it all and we remember.  Since it’s more than just a job for the instructors and the owner you become part of the family.  That means that classes and sessions are catered to you just as much as the group.


For these reasons we think you should choose a studio that people are invested in, because they will also be invested in you and when people are invested in you, you end up investing in yourself.

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