Yoga, Cancer and OM For Life™

Om for Life

I learned about OM for life from my niece through a Facebook link when I was just about finished with chemo and heading into six weeks of radiation. From the moment classes began, I felt that the free yoga class was one of two extraordinary gifts most personal to me, the other being a fantastic—okay, reasonably fantastic—wig!

There was no other hour of the week where I felt completely myself within a community that needed no explanation or comfort.  Every class ended with a much stronger me in spirit and well-being.  Regardless of the instructional level of intensity, I physically and emotionally felt on my way to better health superseding any kind of actual medication.  Our instructors are women who emanate non-judgement, belief in our ability to regain strength, and compassion without pity for our plight.  They have given me a sense of complete trust, hard to articulate, and peppered our classes with so much to learn and embrace.  I don’t want our classes to end every Saturday.

The fact that it is free and perfectly scheduled also lends the experience to more gratitude and relief.  I am deeply grateful for this part of my healing and look forward to a lifelong commitment to yoga.  -Adina

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