What’s meditation got to do with it?

meditationProbably one of the hardest things you will do; meditation.  First you fidget, then you are uncomfortable and you brain just won’t turn off for God’s sake!  But everyone says how good it is for you, how many health benefits there are like lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress/anxiety and even helping with depression.  Then why is it so hard?  I remember not knowing what to do and watching my mind run all over the place.  Let’s face it meditation is boring.

That is it precisely.  It’s about observing the boredom, observing the thoughts, observing the body and how it feels.  It’s about observing it all so that it can pass through you.  So that the space between the thoughts becomes longer and longer.

In the space in between the thoughts you get quiet and a peace settles upon you until the sweetness of the moment is overwhelming and all you want to do is sit there forever.  I’ve been known to be late because I was so absorbed in the stillness.  I’ve since learned to put on a timer.

I’m so excited to be offering a 6wk OSHO meditation series here at the studio so you can have a chance to feel the bliss of stillness yourself.  For some of us it’s the only time it’s quiet in our lives.  The beauty of this is these meditations are active and you will be doing something and not just “sitting there”.

So check it out under courses, it starts soon.  OSHO Meditation

Can’t wait to see you on the inside.


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