Whose doing the Yoga Stereotyping anyway?

In response to Deven Oschmann’s light write up about yoga stereotypes http://yoganonymous.com/stop-the-stereotyping-5-yogi-labels-that-need-to-be-addressed/

I have just one question. Who is doing the stereotyping anyway? The beef is that there are articles “out there” about the perfect yoga body or drinking smoothies and wearing Lululemon. Well it’s true. My body has completely changed due to a consistent yoga practice and my entire body has gotten much leaner as a result. Even more then when I was taking 90 min. dance classes every day. As a person who keeps diving deeper into their practice healthy drinks, food and kombucha do feel better in my the body. I am and we are (I hope) working on keeping our vibration light which eating healthy and keeping our system running smoothly does just that. Also, most of us practicing yoga are still women so whether you get your yoga/workout clothes at Lululemon, Hard Tail or Walmart, we all like to look good.

Of course some might think that we are stuck to our mats every day. Cause we are. We know the difference between what our bodies feel like when they are stiff, sore and out of alignment and when they are not. So yes we are on our mats as much as possible because it just feels better than not. Plus for those who play sports, dance, mountain bike, run or even golf you’d better get on your mat every day. It’s the only way to keep your body in top shape for game day.

I don’t know about you but after teaching and practicing for over 15 years, I am much less fazed by things that used to piss me off, make me sad and sometimes full of rage.  So yes we are more serene and understanding because we know that the greater part of us that is an infinite being will never end and the human reactive part of us is only temporary.

Flexible bendy pretzels you bet! Aren’t you more flexible than you were when you started yoga? Then yes to those who don’t practice we are the bendy pretzel that scares them. To say that yoga is “definitely not about changing us” well I serious hope it will, because life before yoga was unbearable, miserable and very confusing.

Yoganonomous where do you get these writers? I Googled “creator of root2rise yoga and holistic health based out of Austin Texas” and came up with a “sorry this page is unavailable” from Facebook and a Roots2Rise studio out of Woodinville, WA. I think I’d better practice more yoga so I can decipher the authentic from the masquerade.

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  1. Frank says:

    Well said… Yoga for me is about learning and discovering more about myself and taking better care of myself …. to make my life more joyful… Practice makes that happen…..getting stronger and more fit makes it happen and being aware of what I put in my body makes that happen

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