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The worst thing you can do is expect the next person to be like the last.  I find it all the time especially in the business of being a small yog studio.  Teachers expect the new studio they begin teaching at to be like their previous or current one.  I find myself reminding them often Fuller Yoga™ Studio is not xyz studio and we do things differently here.

The same is true for your practice.  Each time you come into Crow, Triangle Pose or Half Moon Pose and expect it to be like the time before you will most likely be disappointed that it wasn’t as good as before or shocked that you did it better.  Your expectations can set you up.  You may miss some really great things because you expect it to be bad or you may walk away feeling like crap because you expected it to be so great.

So how can Fuller Yoga™ help you manage your expectations? How can The Fuller Mat™ help you not get stuck assuming your current practice/studio/relationship should or will be the same as the last? It’s easy.  From the very beginning Fuller Yoga™ is designed to put you completely in the moment by focusing on the flow of your breath and your ability to move fluidly.  Unlike practices that tend to repeat the same sequence of postures, Fuller Yoga requires you pay attention to how you move from one pose to the next discover the nuances and shifts that  keep you open for discovery, inquiry and new experiences.

No Fuller Yoga™ practice can ever be the same.  Because it is so connected to breath and approaching the postures from movement rather than adjusting your body to the pose it will always be organic, flowing, and free from expectations.

Join me in discovering the next level to your practice with a week long Fuller Yoga retreat       Feb. 8-14th, 2015 at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica.

Yoga has been a great asset to my long history of physical activity. From gymnastics to dance to yoga I have always been active and I never practice the same thing twice. I’ve been a rebel against regimented styles that do the same thing each and every time. Although I have taught and taken Ashtanga, I’ve always complimented it with other yoga practices in order to keep things fresh and new.
The traditional yoga mat is an integral part of one’s practice, fashion statement and lifestyle yet also a limiting space for the body. In 2004 while working with a client who had a hard time comprehending the idea of swinging her legs on the floor while laying on her back it dawned on me that these “traditional yoga mats” are far too limiting. In fact they are damn near the size of coffins! The mat needed to be bigger and rounder so I created The Fuller Mat™. Even though I had been teaching since 1998 and practicing since 1996, yoga was still fairly new on the market. I had to search high and low to find a source for such a long and wide roll of sticky material that could be adaptive as a yoga mat. I was lucky to be able to get a small quantity and begin developing and practicing and teaching Fuller Yoga™ on The Fuller Mat™.
Since then using The Fuller Mat™ has blessed me with profound insights on postures and transitions that can not only open joints and muscles more thoroughly, but also develop patterns that help move a practitioner more easily into arm balances, back bends and twists that most people struggle with for years. My students have gained leaps and bounds in their flexibility and learned to trust the circles and patterns we work with. They can feel the right connection to what flows and what doesn’t both in their practice which then gets translated to their life.
In winter of 2015, I move Fuller Yoga™ out into the world by offering a week long retreat at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rice Feb. 8-14, 2015. We will be able to develop our practice with two yoga classes a day and also define space and flow for ourselves in practice and in life. For more details on the retreat please visit;