3 Ways to Know If You are Doing Yoga Right

First of all ultimately yoga is suppose to feel good.  Sure in the beginning it’s painful or uncomfortable during the pose as is anything new or different but we all know that at least after Sivasana we feel better.  However, there are 3 surefire ways to know if you are executing your poses correctly.

1.  You will still be able to breathe slowly and deeply while you are executing the pose.

2. Your mind will want to focus on your body.

3. Your body will feel “aligned”.  Although that word may be elusive in the beginning you will begin to understand how much better you feel when you have aligned your body in the correct way.  It will feel like the damn of tightness has lifted, the light has cracked through the clouds and you are back to being you again.

Enjoy.  How did it feel when you “got it”, when you were doing yoga?

What was your moment and how did you just know? I would love to hear your experience?


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