The Bad Yogi

People do crazy things just look in the news. Some people lie, cheat, steal and kill to get their point across and yes even some yogi’s do it too. Just look at the shooting at Lululemon, but being honest with who you are and what you are feeling and wanting may avoid such atrocities or even white lies that insipidly harm ourselves and others.

A yoga instructor accused me of saying things I did not say, made demands she knew I could not comply with and made me out to be the bad guy. As much as I tried to resolve the situation in the best way I could she just wasn’t willing to communicate. So, I accepted my role of bad guy that I was to be to her. Like many others in her life I was one of many people who have done her wrong and so there really was no way of resolving anything as she was determined to be a victim.

What leads us to these kind of behaviors? Fear, lack of courage, low self-esteem, and a whole slew of misguided ideas of ourselves that the ego has projected to keep us in a role or category that we could name “safe” or “comfort zone”. If we could be really honest (satya, what we learn in The Yamas) with ourselves and communicate our findings and feelings to others who would really listen then we might live in a more mature and peaceful world. But when we don’t have that courage we find any excuses to leave, cheat, or begin to view someone as the enemy in order to do what is right in our heart’s to do, the ego’s view of ourselves, get away from a particular feeling or satisfy, if only temporarily, a need. Even if that need is to continue to be the victim or (any other label here).

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