Just Because I Teach Yoga…

…and I’m blonde and I lived in San Francisco doesn’t mean I smoke pot, hang out at Wanderlust all summer and live out of my car.  Well, maybe eat out of my car but definitely no sleeping.  As a person who seeks to become more conscious of themselves and less judgmental I find it fascinating that once I say I teach yoga and lived in California I’m automatically a pot smoking hippie who is relaxed all the time.  Maybe it’s a Northeast thing.  If I lived in the West would the reaction be the same or would most people I met be in a similar boat?   I’m sure from a corporate office my lifestyle looks pretty grand.  Making your own schedule, having free time in the middle of the day, and helping people feel better on a daily basis.  The truth is most people probably couldn’t last one day, let alone 14 years, doing what I do.  From the constant driving around (both my colleague and I have 14 year old cars) to teaching from the crack of dawn to well after sunset (up to 5 classes a day with a 30 to 45min. commute between each class) no health insurance, 401k or paid vacation it can be a stressful life.  A yoga teacher and studio owner has to be on key, disciplined and meticulous about schedules, pay rates, payroll, covering your classes when you or your teachers are sick, advertising,creating newsletters, accounting, keeping up with social media, the newest yoga techniques and styles not to mention a personal life which consists of laundry, grocery shopping, and if your lucky going to a movie on a Friday night but not too late because you have an 8:00am class in the morning.

So why am I in this game?  I decided long ago I didn’t want to have to change who I am and what I love to do in exchange for a desk, a 401k plan, health insurance and sick pay.  Sounds like suicide doesn’t it?  And believe me the corporate lifestyle has looked very good at times.  I have to admit I was smiling a bit being able to tell myself, huh see how well the illusion of corporate security went for the Enron employees?

It’s a crazy thing to think I should be able to do what I love and afford health insurance, save for retirement and hey maybe even buy a new car to eat out of but someone has to do it.

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